Best-execution-securities service
The purpose of FORSA-best-execution securities service is to broker the best conditions for business enquires made by our customers.
To ensure this, enquiries about the corresponding prices are always directed to several institutions (not less than 4 and up top 10).
To answer enquiries about securities, FORSA can rely on a vast network /Customers, Investmentbanks and Intermediaries) and thus propose an excellent price.
We will exclusively quote net prices which already include FORSA's agency commission. No additional brokerage fees will be invoiced.
When it is not possible to include the agency commission in a so-called net price, for instance when brokering own loans against borrower's notes or customers' savings bank certificates, the FORSA employee will inform the customer that a separate brokerage statement will be issued when the inquiry for the transaction is made. An agreement regarding the amount of that brokerage statement will then be made in preparation of the transaction inquiry.
A phone call to FORSA will cover the “entire range of the market” of all the participating trading institutions and also address a variety of further market participants. The best-execution service also delivers the “best results” to our clients.


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Regulation by BaFin

FORSA Geld- und Kapitalmarkt GmbH
is subject to regulation by Bundes-
anstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsauf-
sicht (BaFin, the German Federal
Financial Supervisory Authority).
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